Custom Anatomy Training Models

With clever designs, surprising solutions, and a unique perspective; we transform our client’s desires into gorgeous, professional, custom 3D models for medical demonstrations.

The objective is to create an experience for physicians that is specific to your medical device company, your brand, your device, and your approach. We bring our own criteria: beautiful to look at, smartly designed, lightweight & portable, and combine it with your competitive differentiators and key strategic message. When the model is pared down to the absolute essence of what you need to communicate and offers surgeons a totally dynamic practice with your device, you make your brand unforgettable!

Meet The Team

Allison Rae

Founder & Chief Creative Officer

I am the luckiest person I know. I have the good fortune of being able to blend all my quirky talents into the career I was meant to have, in fact, I have found my calling. Take 20 years of sales experience, add an education in industrial design and then combine it with an absolute fascination with all things biology, there was no way I could resist creating Pulse Medical Demonstration Models.

Along the way, I achieved a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, garnered a lifetime of experience in product development, a proficiency in prototyping, and a ton of low-volume manufacturing know-how.

I live for that fabulous feeling of the aha moment when we discover the perfect design solution to help our clients make the most impact with their clients. (If you are interested in another kind of info. – I am a dedicated student of the martial arts, focused on getting my beck belt.

In my next life, I want to come back as a beaver, they are resourceful, ridiculously hardworking, surprisingly talented, focused, have an amazing understanding of structural and fluid dynamics and of course are furry & cute. In the meantime, I live with some people and two dogs who are furry & cute but who are not surprisingly talented and regularly interrupt my conference calls with barking.)

I can be reached via email or we can chat if you prefer 267-753-0870 ext 1004.

Debbie Zibelman

Project Coordinator

How do I combine my love of learning and an out-and-out fascination with the human body? By coordinating Pulse MDM projects from the tiniest spark of an idea of how to demonstrate a medical device all the way through the creation & delivery of smart & professional custom models that give salespeople, clinical teams, and surgeons alike, hands-on experience with a device and procedure.

My managerial & organizational skills are put to the test to translate the story of our client’s newest devices, performing the most cutting edge medical procedures, into durable, eye-catching, user-friendly, portable demonstration models.

From traveling to China to select the best manufacturing partners (“the units we received fit like a dream!”) to screening a client’s surgical video (PCNL anyone?), to performing a mock surgery (ask me anything about fundoplication) my job as Project Coordinator is interesting, to say the least, and definitely different every day.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Temple University, a Master’s in Administration from Bloomsburg University, and teaching for 7 years, I was primed to step into my role at Pulse MDM. (If you are interested in another kind of info. – In my spare time you can find me in the gym, yoga studio, health food store, rowing a dragon boat, or researching the newest trends in nutrition while eating a chocolate-chip-toasted-marshmallow-fudge-brownie and sipping a green juice.)

I can be reached via email or we can chat if you prefer 267-753-0870 ext 1006.