Bloomington IN Custom Medical Models

When it’s time to do a demonstration with your medical devices, how do you approach it? Do you have a team that has drawings and presentations, or do you provide your demonstrations with real-life evidence that makes the demonstration realistic? 

If you aren’t doing the second option, you should be! Pictures and presentations can really only go so far. When you look at those, you see a flat representation that really isn’t lifelike at all. But what if you COULD have a lifelike demonstration and take a hands-on approach with something that is almost exactly the same as the real thing? 

That’s where Pulse Medical Demonstration models come in. With custom medical models, you can create the model or models that you need. Whether you’re training new employees, teaching in the medical field, or educating clinicians, why not give them hands-on capabilities? 

What are Custom Medical Models?

Custom medical models build a customized experience that allows anyone who comes into contact with the model to have a hands-on experience that no other device can provide. With a first-rate anatomy model that breaks down for observation and research, it doesn’t get much more realistic than this. 

These demonstration models are anatomically correct. They are designed to be interactive and even the tissues feel real. Custom medical models are interactive with resistance, pressure, pop, and tortuosity. 

In addition, a custom medical model can be far more convenient and budget-friendly than a cadaver lab might be. The models can be used over and over. They can be adapted to present scenarios that are both common and uncommon. They can be useful in every medical field and each step of training, preparation, and learning along the way. 

Pulse MDM specializes in creating medical models for any needs. 

Why Choose Pulse MDM? 

Imagine the ability to choreograph your surgical scenario before you go into surgery. Or perhaps teach your students and clinicians with a hands-on, practical experience. Crafting these models can showcase a procedure or an anatomically accurate part that can help to both prepare and learn. 

Pulse MDM is an expert in the field of medical devices, being the source with the most insight and most correct and usable medical models on the market. From working with squishy stuff to therapy to accurate designs, these medical models provide the most reliable and strategic experience of any on the market. 

How it Works

Medical models from Pulse MDM are made to order. They are each customized and unique based on what you need. We do not simply hold stock of models in bulk as we want to be able to collaborate with your specific needs for the model. There are some stock models available

When you work with Pulse MDM, here is the process that you can expect. 

  1. Collaboration and planning
  2. Initial sketch of your concept
  3. 3D Model
  4. Edits and fine-tuning
  5. Production of the final model

Our team works to make clever designs and provide a unique perspective. We can bring whatever ideas you have “to life” with custom 3D models for demonstrations and more. 

The reason that every design is unique and customized is that we want to be sure we are providing specifically for the needs of your experience. From brand input to the overall design and even variances in approaches, our goal is to design a smart solution for your needs. 

Each medical model is lifelike. They are lightweight and portable and made exactly to fit the request with much collaboration to get it just right along the way. 

Pulse MDM has a team that has been working together for decades making models and other products. Our team strives to create affordable, engaging, memorable, and clever designs for each client’s needs. 

When to Contact Pulse MDM in Bloomington, IN

  • When there are no stock models that meet your needs
  • When you need a hands-on approach
  • When you need an easy and convenient model to take on the road
  • When you want to increase coverage
  • When you want to prepare for procedures
  • When you want to reduce cadaver labs
  • When you want a lifelike experience
  • When you want a custom device
  • When printed literature and pictures just aren’t enough

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models in Bloomington, Indiana

At Pulse MDM, we recognize that everyone has unique needs. Our offices work throughout the United States and the globe to provide cutting-edge solutions for any situation. We would love the opportunity to build you a custom medical device designed specifically for your needs.