Blue Ash, Ohio Custom Medical Models

If you had the ability to give medical sales and training teams a hands-on experience, would you take advantage of that? With a real-world, demonstrative approach, individuals in every area of the medical field can have just that. 

Using medical demonstration models allows individuals to get hands-on experience that will lead to a lifetime of stability and success. With demonstration models, staff can build confidence and learn with realistic visuals designed just for this purpose. 

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models do exactly that and more. These models are anatomically correct, displaying things like vessels and tissues that feel life-like in your hands. You will find that interaction with the models is as realistic as you can possibly get and models are made to order per your specifications. 

Models have no restrictions related to culture or geographical location. They are far more convenient and effective than trials pursued on cadaver labs or even animals. A custom model can be used multiple times and can be made specific to any scenario that needs to be trained or practiced in the field. 

Additionally, medical models are portable and professional. 

Why Choose Pulse MDM? 

Pulse MDM is like no other company out there. Our company takes the need for medical devices and turns them into a customized and lifelike experience that is essential for training, practicing, testing, and surgery preparation. 

With the ability to study a surgical scenario or train with a device that looks and feels real in your hands, medical staff from sales to clinicians can get real-life experience that can be repeated again and again. 

Our models are crafted specifically for your needs and there are no other medical modeling groups that have as much insight to creating models in this manner. Pulse MDM stands out in the field with anatomical targets, therapeutic knowledge, lifelike materials, design and production, and even artistic talent. 

Each of these properties leads to relevant experience and preparation in the field. 

Our Process

With clever designs, surprising solutions, and a unique perspective, we transform our client’s desires into gorgeous and professional custom 3D models for medical demonstrations. 

Take a quick look at our process. 

  • Collaboration
  • Concept Sketch
  • 3D Model
  • Fine-tuning and adjustments
  • Final Production

We work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure that we create an experience specific to your needs, your brand, and your approach. 

Our team is backed by decades of experience in the mode and product development industry. We offer valuable skills in clever designs, affordability, engagement, and a unique approach. 

Where Can I See Samples of Your Work?

Our website contains valuable photos of past work that we have completed. We can visit your location with examples. Give us a call at 267-753-0870 x1004. 

How Can I Start a Project? 

You can visit our facilities or give us a call to start a conversation. We will ask specific questions about the elements of design including key differentiators, product features, and the story you would like to portray. 

We use a product questionnaire to really find out the must-have details and qualities to help us create a model to meet your needs. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The development and design, as well as your development budget, are a large part of the process. We work within your financial requirements to try to find inventive, unusual, and even unexpected solutions within your criteria. Pulse MDM provides concept sketches and consultations at no charge prior to creating a proposal. 

Is Pulse MDM Model Representative of an Average Person?

No two people are exactly alike, making it incredibly challenging to narrow down the average to a single anatomical approach. We can work within the realms of average or small average models for marketing and training purposes. For fields like R&D or clinical teams, we work with you to develop a device or multiple devices that are consistent with your needs. 

Will My Model Be Available to Other Customers?

When you have a specialized model designed for your business, that is available to your company and associates only. Pulse MDM does not sell or stock these models. Designs, processes, and methods developed by Pulse MDM are our intellectual property. Products, molds, and fixtures are your property once they are paid in full. 

Pulse MDM Demonstration Models in Blue Ash OH

At Pulse, we believe that every customer has unique needs. We offer services throughout the United States and the world. Our team works to provide you with cutting-edge solutions that are both beautiful and visible and can be used for marketing, students, demonstrations, and so much more. 

Our goal is to meet your needs for a custom medical device that meets your situation. Give us a call today to get your quote.