Boston, MA Custom Medical Demonstration Models

Do you want to give your medical training teams the real-world experience they need through a demonstration model? Our devices are all custom-made and deliver that hands-on experience that you want professionals to have with your medical device.

The device trial is designed to increase their confidence- leading to loyalty and your growth. Your associates could soon be providing every clinician with a way to get the practice they need for procedures in any environment.

Plus, the anatomy of the medical models is accurate- even the organs and vessels are precise and relevant. The tissue is made to have a realistic feeling and as the device interacts with the model, it ensures that the correct resistance or pressure is used.

Why You Should Choose Custom Medical Models

Custom Medical Models by Pulse Medical Demonstration Models are more convenient and cost-effective than using animal or cadaver labs. Plus, there are no restrictions with a model, so you can have the exact pathology you need to target. Custom anatomical simulation models can also represent both common and uncommon surgical scenarios- allowing professionals to familiarize themselves with many different situations.

The surgeons can have their whole team participate in the training process, as they can each watch and attempt to use the device. This allows practitioners to get ahead of their peers and make further advancements in treatment.

Finally, every custom medical model is easy to store, is portable, and professionally finished. All of our models are customized for leading companies as well.

Why Choose Pulse MDM?

Pulse MDM crafts models to showcase the worth of your medical devices and the following procedures. We can transform any interaction your team has with clinicians by demonstrating a hands-on surgical scenario. The best part? This process can be easily repeated as many times as you need.

You can be ensured that all of our models create a clinically relevant surgical experience for the practitioners. No other modeling group exists that can accurately depict the needed anatomy in one of these models. We have extensive knowledge, background, and experience to artistically create the procedure you want to showcase.

Our Process

  • Collaboration
  • Concept Sketch
  • 3-D Model
  • Fine-tuning
  • Final Production

What is Our Objective?

We want to create an experience for physicians that is tailored to your medical device and everything behind it- your team, your brand or company, and your approach. When the model is complete, it will be well designed, pleasant to look at, portable, and able to promote the use of your medical device.

The Pulse MDM team has had decades of experience in model and product development. We are confident and skilled in designing affordable, memorable medical models- that will show the merits of your procedure.


How can I start a project?

Call us to ask questions or schedule a visit. We will want to know about the story you want to tell, as well as any key product features in your device or procedure.

We will also ask that you fill out a questionnaire. It gives us the insight needed to build a model that can effectively meet all of your set criteria.

How much does this cost?

Every client has a budget that we take note of while building the design. The challenge of staying within this budget often leads us to find more innovative and unexpected design solutions.

All of our concept sketches and conversation about them are at no cost to you. Once we understand your goals and what you need the model to represent, we will submit a proposal to you. You will be able to decide if this is what you expected or if a change is needed.

What are the benefits of models over labs?

Models are more consistent and portable, especially when compared to a lab. Less equipment is needed, as well as a much smaller team. Models can be designed for replaceable parts, which gives every user a fresh shot at the procedure- this saves time and money when compared to using labs.

Can other companies use my model?

No, the model is made just for your company- we do not sell stock or pre-made models. All designs and methods developed by us are our intellectual property. On the other hand, the product, its mold, and other fixtures are your property after payment has been cleared.

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models in Boston, MA

Here at Pulse Medical Demonstration Models, we understand that you will have unique needs. We serve all of the United States and throughout the world, bringing cutting-edge solutions in a beautiful, visible way for your marketing team, students, teachers, demonstrations, and more. Our goal is to build you a custom medical device that is perfect for your situation. Contact us today for a quote!