Coon Rapids, MN Custom Medical Models

When you’re demonstrating with medical devices, it is essential to ensure your audience understands how it works and exactly what is happening. The small details and accuracy can make all of the difference, whether you are providing training on a new surgery or trying to make a sale. 

Traditionally, medical devices have been modeled using drawings, presentations, numbers, and maybe even a moving diagram or video. This modeling does not allow for any hands-on interaction with the tools or processes you are working with, meaning your audience only gets part of the picture. However, there is a much better option.

Modern-day technology has allowed us to develop custom, lifelike models to use during your demonstrations and training sessions to provide a hands-on, real-life experience for all participants. By giving your audience a hands-on approach, they will be able to feel like it is the real thing, whether they are training for a new procedure or testing out the latest medical devices.

What is a Custom Medical Model?

Custom medical demonstration models are designed and built to meet your specific needs and requirements. That means that you have complete control over the end product to ensure it works for you. Medical models provide hands-on experience and the ability to fully interact in a way that flat drawings and diagrams simply cannot.

Each custom medical model we design and produce is anatomically correct and can break down for additional observation and usage. Our models are highly interactive, with tissues that feel and react like the real thing, providing resistance, pressure, and tortuosity as you work with them.

Additionally, custom medical demonstration models can be used time and time again, which makes them a much more convenient and affordable option than a cadaver lab. Models can be used multiple times for the same demonstration or can be reutilized for additional scenarios. Because of the quality of our materials and production processes, your model will be usable in a variety of demonstration, training, and preparation situations over the coming years.

Why Work with Pulse MDM?

At Pulse Medical Demonstration Models, we design and produce each of our models to order so we can ensure they meet each of your needs. While we do have some stock models available, our emphasis is on collaborating with our customers to understand their requirements and then developing the perfect custom model.

At Pulse MDM, we have a simple process to develop and create your model.

  1. Requirements collaboration
  2. Initial concept sketch
  3. 3D modeling
  4. Feedback and fine-tuning
  5. Final production

No matter your unique needs or innovative ideas, our team of experts will work with you to design the perfect model and bring it to life using our high-quality, lifelike materials. When we started our company, we decided to focus on custom medical models so that we could provide our customers with exactly what they needed. We can consider branding, variances in modeling, and more to help develop a smart solution for your demonstration needs.

Each model we create is anatomically correct and lifelike. We use materials to ensure that our models are easily portable and lightweight for demonstrations on the go. Each one is developed with care and attention to each detail, so your model perfectly fits your needs. Our team has years of experience working together to design and produce the best medical models on the market. We always work to provide the best experience at an affordable price for each of our clients.

When to Use Pulse MDM

  • Stock models don’t meet your needs
  • A hands-on approach is required
  • You need to be able to easily transport your model
  • While training for procedures
  • A lifelike experience is beneficial
  • To reduce the usage of cadaver labs
  • When customization is needed
  • Literature and simple diagrams aren’t doing the job

The Best Medical Demonstration Models in Coon Rapids, MN

Over the years, Pulse Medical Demonstration Models has built a reputation for being one of the best in the business for providing our customers with cutting-edge model solutions for any of their needs. We service customers in Coon Rapids and across the United States and would love to get started on building a custom medical model for your needs. Contact Pulse Medical Demonstrations today!