Our friends at global investment bank Canaccord Genuity report the following statistics on surgeries and visits based on late March surveys:  

– Orthopedic/Spine surgeons:  a 58% average decline in practice volumes in March and an anticipated 77% average decline in April.

– Plastic/aesthetic surgeons:  a 68% decline in practice volumes in March and an anticipated 86% decline in April.

– Endocrinology:  a 44% decline in inpatient volumes in March with a 50% decline anticipated for April.

Driving these declines are the CDC recommendations summarized in the accompanying chart.  

However, as our contact at one of the world’s largest medical device companies said:  “Now that operating rooms have largely been closed to elective cases there is more physician training going on than in the past.”  

This isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a call to step up training.  

He continues: “Now that physicians are being asked to cross cover at the hospitals we need our more junior physicians and even older resident to step up and carry some water.” 

In the spirit of meeting the challenge that faces all of us, I invite you to review our portfolio of training models that we can make available wherever training may be needed.  Visit pulsemdm.com, or to call or email at (267) 789-6515/allison@pulsemdm.  


Allison Rae