Despite the overwhelming evidence that it’s the soldier, it’s actually the doctor.

That’s because her screen time on laptops, devices, and other digital media more than doubled between 2008 and 2017, the latest period for which figures are reasonably available, from under three hours to about six.

Worse, according to a World Economic Forum survey, computers, phones, and tablets damage health. Americans now report symptoms of digital eye strain, including neck, shoulder, and back pain (36%), eye strain (35%), headaches (25%), blurred vision (25%), and dry eyes (24%).  Digital lighting undermines healthy sleep too, which influences almost all aspects of good health.

The problem:  Medical training relying on digital, self-guided modules, compounds fatigue, but worse, this fatigue undermines the ability of healthcare professionals to absorb important, lifesaving information.

That’s why medical training models provide such an important alternative.  The tactile experience eases digital fatigue.  Our clients report that trainees describe model-based training as a ‘breath of fresh air,”  enhancing absorption and retention.  Want to promote good health?  Get a model.

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Allison Rae, Principal