In his seminal work Future Shock, author Alvin Toffler discoursed on the theme of high tech versus high touch.  Toffler posited that as technology-saturated our lives, we would increasingly seek opportunities for face to face, human interaction.


Even Toffler may not have imagined just how high that technology saturation point would be.  And he may not have anticipated that the draw of tech would be so strong, that humans may not know how much they are missing touch.


This missing element highlights the critical role that medical demonstration models can play in training and direct to patient marketing.  The experience of touch, in combination with the knowledgeable voice of a physician or a salesperson, is so refreshing and so powerful that engagement is almost instantaneous.


I invite you to review our portfolio or to contact me directly to discuss how a medical demonstration model can help you and your most critical audiences stay in touch.



Allison Rae