Leadership isn’t always defined by what you do.  Sometimes it’s defined by what you don’t do.

And in the case of two of our clients, Boston Scientific and Medtronic, their leadership has been defined by the second.

In spite of the pandemic, they have not yielded.  They kept their eye on the long-term goals of creating engaging models to educate physicians and as a result supported Pulse MDM by keeping their projects going.


That’s good news for us but there’s much more to it than that.  Our work here at Pulse MDM – creating models that aid training, patient education, and marketing – is a business indicator of sorts.  When we’re busy, it’s because new products and new innovations are about to hit the market.  And, I assure you, we’re busy.


It’s important to remember that innovations and new products that are driven by the Medtronics and Boston Scientifics of the world are developed for the benefit of patients.  Yes, it’s cool to work on the next big thing these leaders are developing, but it’s even cooler knowing you are part of the effort to make lives better.


Thank you, Medtronic

Thank you, Boston Scientific



Allison Rae