Unequivocally no. 

The new marketing model is this:  Get models on-site while sales representatives demonstrate off-site. 


  • Eight thoracic surgeons in their offices with heart models getting a demonstration for an aortic dissection device directed via video from the salesperson’s home.    
  • Salespeople setting up a remote demonstration of ureteroscopy devices to all of their accounts, and then following up with individual calls.   
  • Shipping vascular models to scores of clinicians and then walking them through repeated procedures via Zoom to improve their muscle memory and confidence.  

This is how training can be done in the world we find ourselves in.  And perhaps, in some ways, maybe how it should have always been.  Removing travel from the equation reduces costs, saves time, is better for the environment, and now, keeps us all safe.  

I invite you to review our portfolio or to contact me directly to discuss how a medical demonstration model can help you and meet the new challenges of the training environment.


Allison Rae