Menes Park, CA Custom Medical Demonstration Models

Whether you’re training, demonstrating, or showing off a new technique, determining the best way to exhibit your medical devices is essential for providing a scenario as close to real-life as possible. While many teams turn to simple drawings and presentations, these often lack the engagement and ability to be hands-on that many medical devices require to fully understand and realize the impacts.

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models provide teams in Menes Park, CA, and beyond with the ability to build their own custom medical models to demonstrate any medical devices you need. Our custom medical models are perfect for employee training, educating clients, and demonstrating new technology to potential customers. They allow for a hands-on experience with virtually any medical device on the market.

Using Custom Medical Models

Custom medical models provide a hands-on and realistic experience to anyone that comes into contact with them. They are designed to provide a unique experience for specific devices that you wish to demonstrate, test, or train with. They allow for the most realistic experience available, with anatomically correct features and the feeling of real tissues. Our models are meant to be interactive and react with resistance, pressure, and other physical reactions as a human body would.

Our custom medical models are also much more convenient and affordable than traditional cadaver demonstrations. They can be used multiple times, are lightweight for easy transport, and do not have any specific storage requirements. The same model can be adapted to fit many demonstrations and scenarios. We build our custom medical models to fit your specific needs and stand up to use time and time again.

What Makes Pulse MDM Unique?

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models is well known in the medical model field as a reliable and accurate source of anatomically correct designs. We are experts when it comes to designing our models to fit devices of all kinds and often consult with device developers on the best models to use to test their newest technology. 

We can help you and your team with everything from practicing surgical scenarios to hands-on educational experiences and even sales pitches of the newest medical devices. We will work with you to understand your needs and develop the most realistic medical model from the highest quality materials available on the market.

At Pulse MDM, each of our medical models is custom designed for your needs. Our basic process follows the following steps:

  1. Collaborative planning
  2. Concept design sketch
  3. 3D model build
  4. Feedback and edits
  5. Final production

Our team will work with you each step of the way to integrate your needs into our unique designs. You will have the opportunity to review sketches and 3D models for approval before your model goes into production. We strive to ensure that the end result is perfect for your specific needs.

Working With Pulse MDM in Menes Park, CA

Here are a few reasons why you should consider Pulse MDM for your custom medical model needs:

  • Stock medical models do not fit your requirements.
  • Diagrams and presentations don’t provide the full picture.
  • You’re building a custom-designed device.
  • You need a hands-on approach that is easy to travel with.
  • Training is required for your team with specialized equipment.
  • A lifelike experience is required.
  • To reduce the need for cadaver labs.

We understand that your medical demonstration needs are unique, and we’d love to work with you to design and build a custom medical model specifically for you. We work with organizations across the United States to provide top-of-the-line models for virtually any medical demonstration needs. Contact Pulse MDM today to schedule a consultation to learn more.