Mountain View CA Medical Demonstration Models

When it comes to medical devices, models are an extremely important part of demonstrating key technologies. A competent model can give clients and clinicians the kind of hands-on experience that you want them to have with your devices.

 Without a device trial, it is hard to build confidence and loyalty in clients. A device trial exposes clients to your products and increases their loyalty to your brand, thus increasing your company’s growth. By providing a tangible and physical experience for clinicians, a well-built model can better represent the workings of your products and show how they will be useful in clinical settings.

 Models are much more convenient than animal and cadaver labs because they have no geographical or cultural resistance. A model can be analyzed at any time, in any context, and no important knowledge of value is lost. For example, custom anatomical simulations can be used to present uncommon medical scenarios without the need for a real patient and medical practitioners can use these models to train themselves and team members. Surgical practitioners can analyze the model to determine how it would impact patient care. Every one of our demonstration models is customized for specific uses and professionally finished to be of use to medical practitioners in any situation.

Why Choose Pulse MDM?

Pulse MDM is specifically aimed at helping medical device companies make models to demonstrate the merits of medical procedures and devices. Our insightful team of experts has a great deal of experience making medical models that highlight your anatomical target, knowledge of therapeutic areas, and production expertise. Our artistic talents can help you transform your strategic message into a comprehensive and salient medical model that showcases the applicability and benefits of your medical devices.

At Pulse MDM, we follow a 5-step process to ensure that our models are apt for use in a clinical setting.

  • Collaboration
  • Concept Sketch
  • 3-D Modeling
  • Fine-tuning
  • Final production

Through this 5-step methodology, Pulse MDM can turn your desires into a functional and aesthetically pleasing 3-D model for medical device demonstrations and training. 

 Our goal at Pulse MDM is to create models that provide physicians with the real experience of using your devices or procedures. These models can be used for marketing devices, hands-on training for medical professionals, or classroom instruction. Our smartly designed models are lightweight, portable, and highly functional. We can take the nitty-gritty details of your devices and distill them into a model that highlights specific features and aspects that are salient to the practicing medical professional’s experience.

 Our team has decades of experience in conceptualizing and manufacturing medical device models. We can take your ideas and create an attractive, affordable, and, most importantly, a functional model that will demonstrate the effectiveness of your product or procedure. All of our anatomical models and simulations are digitally recreated using MRI and CT data along with client-supplied references such as photos or videos. Clients can modify these models however they want for sales and marketing purposes, such as enlarging sections, eliminating details, or having windows.

When Should Mountain View Medical Device Professionals Contact Pulse MDM?

  • When there are no stock models that fit your criteria
  • When medical professionals need hands-on practice
  • When you want customers to experience your device
  • When you want to achieve targeted market coverage
  • When you want to draw attention to your device or brand
  • When you need an anatomical model that gives context for your procedures or devices
  • When you want to create an engaging and well-thought-out clinical demonstration experience

 At Pulse MDM, we are keenly aware that every medical device company has unique needs. We work with clients in several different medical contexts, so we are confident that we can work with you to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing model for marketing teams, students, teachers, demonstrations, and more. We can build a custom medical model for your specific situation. Without a model, it can be difficult to demonstrate what is important and significant about your medical device or procedure. A good medical device model seeks to bridge the gap between practice and reality.

Contact us today and we can put together a plan and quote for your specific model.