New Brunswick, NJ Custom Medical Models

If you want your doctors and nurses to really learn your medical models without having to learn on the job, then consider getting them a custom-made demonstration model from Pulse Medical Demonstration Models.

If someone can perform a life-saving procedure on a highly detailed model, then their experience with that model goes up. With more experience comes more confidence, which creates growth and more patients treated. Plus, your doctors and nurses will be able to perform the procedure with the model in any scenario or at any time. 

Finally, it feels real and is much more cost-effective than cadavers or animals for testing. The tissues, bones, and muscles all feel real and your team will instantly be able to see how these things will react to their tools in surgery. 

Whether they are used as simulators or as ways to practice for a test by your surgeons, these custom medical models will be invaluable to your medical practice. Then everyone will be able to do their jobs that much better.

Why Pick Pulse MDM?

Pulse MDM is the best model service out there, and we put realism to the forefront when designing our models. Our team works with your medical staff involved with the entire process, from the concept art to the modeling, to the tuning of even the smallest details. If there is a risk of having a mistake or a misrepresentation, then we want to catch it early and meet your medical team’s needs. 

We also have several pictures of our past work on our website, as well as several example models in our Bloomington, Indiana storefront. If you want to get a hands-on look and you live in the area, then please come to see our examples!

How Do We Start The Process?

We offer a free consultation call to talk with you and ask a few questions to see what you need this model for. We also see if you need any extra features, what you will be using the model for, and why you need our help to make this model work. We will also discuss your budget and can work with even the lightest of shoestring budgets, giving you an inventive model that will still work for you.

Just reach out for a free phone call and we’ll see what we can do, but rest assured you are getting the highest quality models no matter what.

When Should We Be Contacted?

It can be hard to figure out when you need new models, but here are some of the best times to give us a call.

The first and foremost time to get new models is whenever your old ones either break or just simply do not cut it anymore. If your stock models are not meeting your needs, or the stock models have been broken and worn down because of heavy use, then you should reach out.

Additionally, these models are designed to be both practical and educational. If you want to show your students or team something and the message just isn’t going across, then our highly detailed models can help. Then, you can easily demonstrate the procedure and show your class cutting-edge devices that are also affordable.

Get Your Pulse Medical Demonstration Model

Here at PulseMDM, we know that you might need these models for any number of reasons or needs, and we want to make sure that we meet them. Give us a call so we can figure out what models you need to be built, and then we can get you your quote and start the process.