Custom Colon Model for Visualization

train the entire clinical team

The Challenge:

During a colonoscopy, gastroenterologists can see the colon from the camera at the tip of their colonoscope.  What they cannot see is the positioning of their scope within the colon. This medical device marketing team asked Pulse MDM for a way to demonstrate how their new visualization technology enables gastroenterologists to see where their scope is within the colon during a colonoscopy, not just the view from the scope tip.


Model Design:

Clearly, the best way to show colonoscope visualization technology is to make a colon model that is compatible with the technology. The colon model was designed to be opaque so the scope cannot be seen from outside the body. (The images of the model shown here are clear to help tell the story of the model, but the client’s models are opaque.)  The model is designed to be soft so the clinicians can apply abdominal pressure as they would in a real clinical setting but with the aid of seeing the scope inside the colon for precise positioning.


Model Benefit:

A portable custom colon model was created providing a convenient way to train physicians while demonstrating the benefits of new imaging technology. Medical device sales and clinical team members lengthen critical conversations with surgeons and their support staff while highlighting product differentiators. Models were designed to be easy to transport, set-up, pack-up, stow, and store.

Olympus Scope Guide

This colon model is the most popular model on our website but is not available for sale to the public. We are delighted to make you a version that is specific to your unique medical device and procedure. Please use this link to start the process of receiving a model concept; a visual representation of how clinicians and patients will experience your product and procedure. Pulse MDM does not charge for model concepts or the conversations around them so there is no risk to see how we can help you to tell your story in the most engaging and memorable way possible.

Colonoscope Visualization Custom Model

Procedure Overview:

Diagnostic colonoscopy enables gastroenterologists to find and diagnose colon abnormalities even at their earliest stages. Our client’s technology enables the real-time 3D representation of the shape and position of the endoscope inside the body.  Their technology is designed to improve procedural efficiency, increase patient comfort during a colonoscopy or an enteroscopy, help identify and mitigate loops, enable easier and more confident scope insertion, support optimal location of abdominal pressure, recognize difficult anatomy, and document the procedure in greater detail.

Diagnostic Colonoscopy