Custom Ophthalmic Glaucoma Shunt Replica

Upsize to show the details

The Challenge:

How can you tell the story of your medical device when the device is smaller than a grain of rice? In real life, this ophthalmic shunt used for the surgical treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) is tiny. The features are barely discernable at 1:1.


Model Design:

It was fairly obvious the Alcon needed an upscale replica of their glaucoma shunt to help show the details to surgeons and patients. The value Pulse MDM added to the project was suggesting the shunt be placed in a display box that included background artwork showing where the shunt is placed in the eye and how it functions to reduce the intraocular pressure. Without context, the replica looks like an interesting shiny tube. With context the upscaled device replica can be usedto seamlessly create an experience that each salesperson can share with prospective clients.


Model Development:

This medical device replica looks like a larger version of the real thing but is created for a fraction of the cost. Starting with the device, we choose alternate manufacturing processes, use non-medical grade material and work with factories that do not have the overhead required to produce a production medical device.


Model Solution:

By recreating a greatly scaled up model, the features of the device can be highlighted, details about the insertion can be discussed and the patient outcome can be demonstrated. The custom box displays the replica with anatomical context allowing a clinical discussion about device placement and function. Included is a replica of the insertion instrument represented one-to-one. Thousands of these models were produced and sent to affiliates all over the world to engage physicians in the specific merits of Alcon’s Ex-Press glaucoma shunt.

Alcon Ex-Press Glaucoma Filtration Device


Although this custom model is not available for sale to the public, we are delighted to make you a version that is specific to your unique medical device and procedure. Please use this link to start the process of receiving a model concept; a visual representation of how you will be able to promote your product and procedure. Pulse MDM does not charge for model concepts or the conversations around them so there is no risk to see how we can help you to tell your story in the most engaging and memorable way possible.


Procedure Overview:

Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that damage the optic nerve, the health of which is vital for good vision. This damage is often caused by an abnormally high pressure in your eye.