Custom Hysteroscopy Female Anatomy Model

realistic inside and out

Made to demonstrate and provide training on multiple medical procedures, this hysteroscopy female anatomy model is engineered to accept a consumable & replaceable insufflated uterus. The uterus has a realistic cervix, complex uterine cavity, moves authentically during manipulation and is held in the pelvic structure with flexible attachments.

Available for purchase as a stock item, the model gives medical device R&D engineers a platform to test medical devices and OB/GYN procedures repeatedly. This model gives medical device clinical training teams a way to offer surgeons limitless hands-on practice with women’s health devices & procedures before they try it on a patient. It provides a vehicle for medical device marketing managers to provide surgeons with a real-feel clinical experience in any setting.

Complete Model – $1,950 each

Replacement Vagina, Cervix, Uterus – $895 each

A carry case with foam insert protects the model in transit – $850 each

“We were able to use the model for the first-time last week in a training with physicians in Texas. Reports on how the model worked were fantastic!”  

Senior Product Specialist

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