Custom Female Contraception Implant Device Replica

show side by side competitive advantage

The Challenge:

How do you do compare your medical device and your competitor’s device when one look is all it takes to change people’s minds?  And how could you show a side-by-side comparison of devices, without your competitor’s device?


Model Design:

Pulse MDM knew that the Hologic soft fallopian tube implant for contraception would be the clear winner over the competitor’s coil spring implant when shown side-by-side, so we designed a model that showed both devices.


Model Development:

The design plan required that we create low-cost replicas of both devices and make them in quantity. The manufacturing methods used to create real medical implants are expensive and not a cost-effective way to make something for use in a demonstration model. We could make the replicas with non-medical grade materials and processes making them far less costly than the real thing.


Model Solution:

We produced a soft uterus that on one side had replicas of the Hologic’s soft implants in both fallopian tubes and on the flip side of the model had one replica of their device in one fallopian tube and one replica of their competitor’s device in the other fallopian tube. The Hologic marketing team was confident that the Pulse MDM models delivered a message so compelling that they would be able to change physician’s choices by showing the two devices, side-by-side. The stark difference between the implants dramatically drove home the message. Thousands of models were sent out to physicians, facilitating overnight targeted market coverage.

Model of Female Contraception Implant

Although this custom model is not available for sale to the public, we are delighted to make you a version that is specific to your unique medical device and procedure. Please use this link to start the process of receiving a model concept; a visual representation of how clinicians and patients will experience your product and procedure. Pulse MDM does not charge for model concepts or the conversations around them so there is no risk to see how we can help you to tell your story in the most engaging and memorable way possible.