Stomach Drug Delivery Custom Model

models pay for themselves by exponentially increasing sales revenue

The Challenge:

A pharmaceutical company contacted several marketing companies for a proposal on a new brochure to illustrate how they deliver their treatment directly into the stomach using a percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) feeding tube as an alternative for oral medications. One marketing company encouraged them to give every salesperson a more dynamic way to demonstrate their method of drug delivery by providing a portable model to tell their story. The marketing company partnered with Pulse MDM to make a custom model.


Model Design and Development:

Pulse MDM designed a model with a cut-away view of the inside of the stomach for PEG tube visualization inside and outside.  The gastric folds (or gastric rugae) that exist in the mucosal and submucosal layers of the stomach were sculpted by hand for a true to life depiction. The ligament of Treitz was included to show the positioning of the jejunal tube and the pump with the medication cassette is set up next to the model to round out the discussion of the procedure.  A clear window covers the open side of the stomach for a more polished look.

Custom Stomach Model for Drug Delivery

Model Solution:

The peg-j drug delivery model stimulates more robust conversations with physicians for the enteral suspension used for the treatment of advanced Parkinson’s disease. Although these photos are scrubbed of brand identifiers, the model was crafted to be congruent with the organization’s corporate aesthetic. Models travel in a branded case with a custom foam insert that has specifically designed pockets to hold all of the tools and equipment needed for a demonstration in one convenient and compact package.


Although this custom model is not available for sale to the public, we are delighted to make you a version that is specific to your unique medical device and procedure. Please use this link to start the process of receiving a model concept; a visual representation of how clinicians and patients will experience your product and procedure. Pulse MDM does not charge for model concepts or the conversations around them so there is no risk to see how we can help you to tell your story in the most engaging and memorable way possible.


Peg J Tube Drug Delivery Overview:

A Peg J tube is an enteral feeding device placed endoscopically, radiologically, or surgically with its tip in the patient’s stomach. The primary goal when administering medication through a Peg J tube is to optimize the drug’s therapeutic action.