Uterus Model with Removable Fibroids

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The Challenge:

Create a model that has 3 types of uterine fibroids to show how the Myosure device can remove fibroids from any location in the uterus.


Model Design:

Pulse MDM devised a uterus with three removable fibroids that can be placed anywhere in the uterus cavity allowing the flexibility to tell many clinical stories.


Model Benefit:

This uterus holds pressure and includes removable and repositionable fibroids. Suction cups are used to secure the model during use. The models were made in volume so every salesperson can take one on the road to show how the Myosure device can remove difficult to reach fibroids at the fundus. The interactive custom model shows the medical device’s versatility and addresses surgeons’ clinical challenges.

Myosure Intrauterine Tissue Removal


Although this custom model is not available for sale to the public, we are delighted to make you a version that is specific to your unique medical device and procedure. Please use this link to start the process of receiving a model concept; a visual representation of how you will be able to promote your product and procedure. Pulse MDM does not charge for model concepts or the conversations around them so there is no risk to see how we can help you to tell your story in the most engaging and memorable way possible.

Uterus Fibroid Demo Model

Myomectomy Procedure Overview:

Myomectomy is used to remove individual fibroids and is effective in reducing bleeding symptoms.

A myomectomy procedure surgically removes only the fibroids and leaves the uterus intact. Stitches are used to bring the walls of the uterus back together. For women with symptomatic fibroids who desire future childbearing, myomectomy is often the preferred treatment. Myomectomy may also help regulate abnormal uterine bleeding caused by fibroids.