Salt Lake City Custom Medical Models

Change the way your medical team learns by providing them with a custom-made, real-world demonstration model. These can provide the hands-on experience that is necessary for any medical procedure. 

These devices can increase the experience of your medical team. This experience translates into more confidence, loyalty, and growth for your business. Rather than assuming your medical team knows what they are doing, you can get a medical device that is anatomically relevant. The tissues will feel real, and the device will interact with the model to feel just like it will in real-life applications. 

While cadaver and animal labs have been valuable tools in the past, these models are more cost-effective and convenient to use. They also have no cultural or geographic restrictions while teaching medical staff the right way to perform specific procedures or showcase to the patient what will happen during surgery. Each surgeon can use these to include the whole team in the training, including practicing, undergoing a test, and preparing for surgery. It will not take long for your facility to see what a difference these models will make in the operating room, advancements in treating diseases and helping your team do their job. 

Why Choose Pulse MDM?

Pulse MDM has the ability to take every interaction of your medical team and transform it into a repeatable hands-on surgical scenario. We work to craft models that will showcase the merits of the medical device and the procedure that goes with it. NO other medical modeling group will provide as much insight into these models, so you know you are getting the very best. 

Our process is designed to keep your medical staff involved so we get it right the first time. Our process includes:

  • Collaboration
  • Concept sketch
  • 3D Model
  • Fine-tuning
  • Final production

This gives us plenty of chances to catch any mistakes and get them fixed before the product is in use. Our main objective is to create an experience for your medical team that is specific to your needs. In the process, we create models that are smartly designed, beautiful to look at, easy to move around for different training purposes, and more.

We have years of experience in model making and product development. We are skilled at designing a medical model that is engaging, effective, and affordable for all your needs. 

Examples of Your Work?

We offer pictures of our past work on our website.

How Do I Start My Project?

The best way to start on your project is to give us a call for a conversation. We will spend the time asking questions about the product features and what you need out of the model and can work from there on a plan to create the perfect model. 

What is the Cost?

We take your budget into consideration when we get started. Even with budget restraints, we can create a model that suits your needs, pushing us to find inventive and unexpected solutions that are also affordable for you. 

When Should Salt Lake City Medical Device Professionals Contact PulseMDM?

While we offer a lot of options on our website, there are times when you may want to contact us directly to discuss getting the product for your needs. You should contact us:

  • When our stock models do not meet your needs. 
  • When your medical professionals need hands-on practice.
  • When you want a sales experience that is easy to take on the road.
  • When you want to increase the sales of your device by allowing customers to see and learn about the device. 
  • When you want to give your sales team a reason to visit their accounts. 
  • When you want to make an impact and printed literature is not doing it. 
  • When you need an anatomy model in Salt Lake City, UT that can provide context for any procedure. 
  • When you want a convenient way to demonstrate the devices. 
  • When you to get an affordable device for everyone on the team. 

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models

Our team at Pulse understands that you have unique needs. We work throughout the United States and globally to bring cutting-edge solutions your marketing team, teachers, students, and demonstrations can use. At Pulse, we look forward to building you a custom medical device that will be perfect for your situation. Contact us to get your quote!