San Jose, CA Custom Medical Models

Your medical device training and sales teams can have a custom-made, real-world demonstration model that lets your clinicians experience the hands-on experience they need to fall in love with your custom medical device. 

A device trial is designed to boost confidence, which leads to loyalty and growth of your device. Your team could provide every clinician with a way to practice procedures in any situation. 

The anatomy of Pulse Medical Demonstration Models is medically precise. The organs and vessels are exact and relevant to your procedures. The tissue has a realistic feel, and as the medical device interacts with the model, it provides the correct pressure needed and resistance. 

Why Choose a Custom Medical Model?

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models’ custom medical models are convenient and cost-effective. They provide no restrictions with a model as animal or cadaver labs do. Custom anatomical simulation models represent both uncommon and common surgical scenarios, which allow professionals to familiarize themselves with various situations. 

The team can participate with the surgeons in the training process, as they can each watch and attempt to try the device. This allows practitioners to be a step ahead of their competition and make further advancement toward treatment. 

Every custom medical model is portable, easy to store, and professionally finished. All of our models are customized for leading companies. 

Why Choose Pulse?

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models only has one area of expertise – they craft models to showcase the benefits of your specialized device and procedures. The Pulse MDM team will make sure your associates’ interactions with clinicians will be highlighted by a hands-on surgical scenario. 

You will not find another company that has the insight to characterize your anatomical target, knowledge of the therapeutic areas, experience working with squish materials, industrial design knowledge, and production expertise. Our designers will translate your strategic message into a clinically relevant surgical experience. 

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models’ Objective

Our objective is to create an experience for physicians and their teams specifically tailored to your medical device, your brand, your personal approach, and your team. Your personalized model will be visually pleasing, well designed, and portable. Your custom model will help you promote the use of your medical device in a professional way. 

The many years of experience we have in model and product development give you the confidence that your custom model will be exactly what is needed to promote your device. We are experienced in providing you with memorable medical models that are durable and will highlight the benefits of your procedure and device. 

Our Process

  • Collaboration
  • Concept Sketch
  • 3-D Model
  • Fine-tuning
  • Final Production

Where do I start?

Call us! We will schedule a visit or a conversation. You will be forwarded a questionnaire about your project, which asks vital differentiators and the story you want to tell. Once your goals are shared, we will start sketching model concepts for your approval.

What is the cost?

The development budget you set is a major component of the design and production of your model. The challenges we have in meeting a project’s financial requirement sometimes require us to come up with the most unexpected and unusual solutions. The conversations and concept sketches are at no charge to you. A proposal will be drawn up once we know your needs and agree on an idea.

Can I see samples?

We have several pictures of custom models that we have designed available, and you will find them on our website. You can also request us to visit your location and bring models we have created for different organizations. Call us today at 267-753-0870 ext 1004.

What are the benefits of models versus labs?

Labs are not as portable or consistent as models. You have the benefits of using less equipment and a smaller team. Our models are designed with replaceable parts, which lets each user get a chance to try the procedure. Models save time and money, can be easily stored, can be checked in as luggage on a plane, and packed up in minutes.

Medical Demonstration Custom Models in San Jose, California

The Pulse MDM team understands every company has unique needs. We serve San Jose and surrounding areas to bring clinically realistic custom medical models for surgical skills training, physician education, medical exhibit displays, sales demonstration, and more. Our cutting-edge solutions are a beautiful and visible way to show your demonstrations. Pulse MDM’s goal is to build you the perfect custom medical device for your personalized situation. Contact us today and start a conversation!