Santa Clara, CA Custom Medical Models

Demonstrating medical devices can be challenging. The old-fashioned methods of presentations and diagrams simply don’t engage your audience or allow them to truly understand the impact of your medical device. This makes your sales or training sessions not only dull but also ineffective.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Custom medical models allow you to put on detailed demonstrations, even letting your audience get hands-on with your medical device as it interacts with the model. Thanks to their custom designs and high-quality materials, these lifelike demonstrations are almost as good as the real thing.

At Pulse Medical Demonstration Models, we have become experts in the field of custom medical models. We work with you to understand your needs and requirements and then design and build a unique model exclusively for you. Our models are perfect for training in the field, educating new clinicians, or selling the latest medical devices. Your audience will be excited to get a chance to work hands-on with your device and model.

What is a Custom Medical Model?

A custom medical model is designed and built for your unique requirements. It allows for a fully customized experience and the ability to get hands-on with your testing, training, and other needs. Many models can break down for additional observation and detail, adding to the overall experience.

All custom demonstration models are built to be anatomically accurate and feel like the real thing. They are designed to be interactive, with tissues that have resistance, pressure, pop, and tortuosity as you work with them.

Custom medical models can also be a cost-effective and convenient alternative to cadaver labs. Demonstration models can be used repeatedly, as well as for more than one purpose. They are easily stored and transported for all sorts of training and other uses. 

Working with Pulse MDM in Santa Clara

The benefits of working with a custom medical demonstration model are endless, regardless of what part of the medical industry you work in, and Pulse MDM is proud to be an expert in the field. We have built anatomically correct medical models of virtually all body parts for a wide range of clients. We can provide insight and advice on the best way to achieve your medical device demonstrations, testing, or training goals. We think strategically and long term so that you get the most out of your custom medical model for years to come.

Our Development Process

At Pulse MDM, we design and produce our medical demonstration models to order. They are each created to meet your specific requirements and needs. We do have a few stock models available, but a majority of our models are custom-made and built as needed.

When you work with Pulse MDM, our development process involves the following phases:

  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Initial sketches and review
  3. 3D models and review
  4. Final edits and tweaks
  5. Production

Our team of designers can offer creative solutions to your demonstration needs. They have years of experience in this field and are passionate about bringing your ideas to life through our models. With each project we take on, we prioritize designing and building affordable and engaging demonstration models that serve our clients at the highest level.

After your design is completed and approved, we will produce it using our high-quality and lifelike materials. Each model that we produce is lightweight, portable, and can be used over and over again for multiple purposes. 

When to Use a Custom Medical Model

Here are just a few instances when a custom medical model is a great option:

  • Stock models do not meet your needs.
  • You want your audience to get hands-on.
  • You need to be able to travel and demonstrate on the go.
  • You want to practice for upcoming procedures.
  • Cadaver labs are too expensive and inconvenient.
  • You need a custom-built solution.
  • A lifelike experience is important to you.
  • Presentations and diagrams are proving ineffective.

Work With the Best with Pulse MDM

Our team of experts at Pulse MDM has experience with all sorts of unique needs and requirements. We work with clients across the United States and internationally to offer the best medical demonstration solutions. Contact Pulse MDM today to get started on designing your own custom demonstration model.