Medical Demonstration Model

√  Barbecue it√  Scope it
√  Boil it√  Ultra-sound it
√  Fry it√  Suture it
√  Saute it√  Bandage it
√  Sear it√  Ablate it
√  Broil it√  Squeeze it
√  Stew it√  Stent it
√  Inject it
√  Pressure it
√  Navigate it
√  Expand it
√  Palpate it

The Pulse MDM Medical Model Wins for Versatility!

Even Bubba Gump knows the days of a hard plastic, painted model sitting on a physician’s desk or in the waiting room are over.  Today, models can be used for advanced clinical training and sales enablement.

What makes medical demonstration models so effective is they offer a tactile experience and are designed to replicate the feel of human organs.  And because of their life-like qualities, medical demonstration models can offer the opportunity to perform procedures on them such as ablation or suturing or navigating through an obstruction that is expected and necessary for any training program.  In many cases, these models can be developed to replace the need for cadaver labs.

Bubba Gump thinks shrimp is pretty versatile, but it’s not as versatile as a Pulse MDM medical demonstration model.

I invite you to review our portfolio or to contact me directly to discuss how a medical demonstration model can help you and meet the new challenges of the training environment.



Allison Rae

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