St. Paul Custom Medical Models

Your medical training teams can offer real-world experience with a custom demonstration model from Pulse Medical Demonstration Models. Every device is custom-made and will deliver the hands-on experience you need to get clinicians’ and physicians’ attention. The models are more cost-effective and convenient than cadaver or animal labs, they have the exact pathology you are targeting, and they have no cultural or geographic restrictions.

Using custom anatomical simulation models can highlight common and uncommon surgical situations that cultivate critical conversations with the team. The surgeon can bring his entire team on board with training, practicing, testing, and preparing for surgery.

Each custom medical demonstration model is customized, professionally finished, and portable. Your clients will have a way to practice procedures in any environment. The anatomy of the models is incredibly accurate. The organs and vessels are humanly relevant, the tissue feels lifelike, and as the device is used on the model, there is equitable resistance, pressure, and tortuosity. 

Why Choose Pulse Medical Demonstration Models

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models has one area of expertise – crafting models to showcase the merits of your device and procedure. Our team will transform every interaction your associates have with clinicians by designing a hands-on surgical scenario. There isn’t another medical modeling company that has the insight in characterizing your anatomical target, experience working with squishy materials, knowledge of the therapeutic areas, and industrial design and production expertise. Our artistic talent is highlighted as we translate your strategic message into a clinically relevant surgical experience. 

Pulse MDM Process

  • Collaboration
  • Concept Sketch
  • 3-D Model
  • Fine-tuning
  • Final Production

Pulse MDM Objective

Our objective is to create an experience for physicians that is specifically tailored for your medical device, your team, your brand, and your personal approach. The model will be well designed, visually pleasing, and portable. You will be able to promote the use of your medical device professionally with the demonstration model. 

The decades of experience we have in model and product development should give you the confidence that your model will be explicitly what you need to promote your device. We are knowledgeable in being able to provide you with affordable and memorable medical models that will highlight the merits of your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see samples of your work?

We have photos available of our custom models on our website. You can request us to visit your location and bring models we have made for different organizations. Give us a call today at 267-753-0870 ext. 1004

How do I start?

Call us for a visit or a conversation. We will forward you a questionnaire about the project. Our questions include vital differentiators and the story you want to tell. Once we understand your goals, we will start sketching model concepts for you to approve. 

What is the cost?

Your development budget is a significant component of the design and production of your model. The challenges we face in meeting a project’s financial requirements will sometimes push us to find the most unusual and unexpected solutions. The conversations and concept sketches have no charge to you. A proposal will be created once we understand your needs and agree on an idea. 

Is each model representative of an average size person?

We cannot define a single anatomical geometry to be represented as average. For training models and your marketing needs, we can decide on a small, average, or above-average patient. We can work with you to define multiple versions of a particular model to ensure your device works on every patient.

What are the benefits of models instead of labs?

Labs are not as consistent or portable as models. You have the benefit of using a smaller team and less equipment. We design our models for replaceable parts, which allows every user a fresh shot at the procedure. It saves time and money when compared to using labs. Models can be stored in a small space, set up at any venue, checked as luggage on a plane, and packed up in minutes.

St. Paul MN Medical Demonstration Custom Models

The team at Pulse understands you have unique needs. We serve St. Paul, along with the rest of the world, to bring cutting-edge solutions in an attractive way for your students, marketing team, teachers, demonstrations, and more. Our goal is to create a custom medical device that serves your situation perfectly. Contact us today for a quote!