Laparoscopic Training Model

Laparoscopic Training Model

The insufflated laparoscopic model is only one of two Pulse MDM’s ‘stock’ models. Created in-house due to demand, It is available for sale to any organization. Made in a permanently insufflated position, this model is endlessly customizable to offer practice with your device and procedure.

The base model includes:

The outside anatomy torso, a permanently insufflated stomach/belly lid, posts to affix anatomy features, 5 soft skin ports placed in your preferred locations, modified female genitalia with one opening.


A required sturdy shipping case with custom foam insert protects the model in transit $800.

Options to adapt the base model include:

  • Surgical Ports – select number of ports and port locations to match your approach, then order replaceable inserts.
  • Male or Female External Genitalia – choose a male attachment with two openings for urology & GI. Choose a female attachment with three openings for urology, reproductive, & GI.
  • Sculpted Organs (Pictured)– Provide a realistic experience for surgeons using your scope & instruments.
  • Custom Internal Components – navigable organs, vessels, tracts will let you show the deployment, steering & maneuverability of your device and give surgeons hands-on practice.
  • Custom Operable Internal Components – organs, vessels, tracts, tissue will accept your sutures, staples, punctures, fixtures, or can be fitted with positional/removable disease states, lesions, tumors, fibroids for a close to life-like surgical experience.
  • Branding – add your product names, messaging & logos to the model.

‘Meat Cartridge’ – a custom anatomy target cartridge designed to be loaded with ‘live tissue’ and snapped into the correct place gives surgeons practice with your medical device that cuts, ablates, sutures, excises. (‘Live tissue’ could be a tomato, a grape, beef tongue, sausage casing, fruit leather, or whatever is easily acquired and matches the characteristics of your anatomy target. The cartridge is engineered to present at the exact right location and angle to provide surgeons with a true surgical experience.)

Once we understand your medical device and procedure criteria we can create a proposal for your customization.

Please contact us to purchase this model.