Sunnyvale CA Medical Demonstration Models

Properly demonstrating medical devices and procedures can be difficult, whether it’s during the sales process, training, or other highly necessary demonstrations. The old-school methods of drawings and presentations paired with a few good metrics just don’t cut it in our current age of technology. People want to see what you’ve got, not just hear about it.


The key to a good demonstration is to make it as realistic as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this is to take a step away from the flat drawings and presentations and try a hands-on approach using a custom medical model.


Pulse Medical Demonstration Models is an industry leader in the custom medical model field and has helped our clients in Sunnyvale, CA create the most realistic and detailed models for their needs. Our team will work closely with you to understand your individual needs and collaborate on an anatomically accurate model to fulfill them.


What is a Custom Medical Model?

A custom medical model is a tool that allows for a hands-on and lifelike experience when working with medical devices or procedures. These models are highly detailed and anatomically correct, allowing for as authentic of an experience as possible. Many of our models also have the ability to break down for additional observation or detailed demonstrations.


Custom medical models are made from realistic feeling materials that react as you would expect the human body to. When working with a medical model, the tissues feel real, and you can interact with it to feel resistance, pressure, and tortuosity.


In many scenarios, custom medial models can replace the need for a cadaver lab. Custom models are more convenient and budget-friendly than a cadaver lab in that they do not require ongoing maintenance and can be used repeatedly. You can also use the same model for multiple scenarios, depending on your needs. From training to sales demonstrations, custom medical models are a convenient and easy-to-use option for many members of the medical field.


Choosing Pulse MDM

Pulse MDM prides itself in its ability to create custom medical models for virtually any situation. Perhaps you are a surgeon that desires the ability to fully practice and plan your surgery beforehand. Maybe you are training a group of students and require the ability to provide them with hands-on experience without excess costs. 


Pulse MDM has the experience and quality to develop the most anatomically correct and functional medical models currently available on the market. Our team is made up of experts in all types of medical devices and we are committed to working with you to understand and fulfill your needs.


The Pulse MDM Process

Each medical model created by Pulse MDM is custom designed and made to order. We have developed a hands-on process that allows us to understand your requirements and develop your model.


Our process includes:

  1. Collaboration and planning
  2. Concept sketch
  3. 3D modeling
  4. Feedback and fine-tuning
  5. Production


Throughout the process, our team will work closely with you to provide sketches and 3D models so you can tweak and adjust your model to perfection before production. Once you are fully satisfied with your design, we will begin production and bring your model to life using our high-quality, lifelike materials. Your resulting model will be lightweight, portable, and meet all your requirements within a smart solution.


Our team is accustomed to working with unique requirements to provide a specialized experience for your tests or demonstrations. If you have an idea, we’d love to work with you to bring it to life in our 3D demonstration models. We are committed to designing and creating models that are affordable yet engaging to fulfill your needs.


Why Choose Pulse MDM:

  • You need the ability to get hands-on
  • You seek convenience and portability in your model
  • You can’t find stock models for your needs
  • You want to train for procedures
  • You want to reduce the need for cadavers
  • You desire a lifelike experience
  • You can’t get by on images and literature


Our team is ready to get started on your custom medical demonstration model today. We work with clients in Sunnyvale and across the United States to provide top-of-the-line demonstration solutions for any medical setting. Contact Pulse Medical Demonstration Models today to set up a consultation and get started.