Triangle Park NC Custom Medical Models

Real-world, custom-made demonstration models are the best way to get clients’ attention and give them hands-on experience that will help sell them on your medical device product. A device trial can help build confidence, create loyalty, and boost company growth through a positive simulation experience. The best demonstration models accurately mimic the target system through details and accurate anatomical rendering, life-like tissue, and correct systemic responses to stimuli. 

Unlike things like animal or cadaver labs, medical demonstration models do not have any geographic restrictions and can be custom-tailored to the specific pathology you are interested in. For example, custom anatomical models can be used to discuss and detail common and uncommon anatomical scenarios to engage dialogue and critical conversation. Models can be used for training techniques while hospitals can evaluate the device to make sure it is providing proper medical care. Our custom models are portable, professionally finished, and custom modeled for whatever purposes you need.

Why Choose Pulse MDM? 

Pulse MDM is the leading choice for medical demonstration models. With our design and expertise, you can have a fully functional simulation medical model on hand to show to clients. Our entire business is built around crafting models to show the merits of your medical device product. Our services are enhanced by our team’s thorough insight, knowledge, and experience when designing custom anatomical models. We can use our artistic talent to turn your key strategic message into a form that can be used in a hands-on setting. 

Our Process

Our design process consists of 5 key steps.

  • Collaboration
  • Concept Sketch
  • 3-D Model
  • Fine-tuning
  • Final Production

Our main goal is to create a demonstration experience that is unique to your device, brand, company, and approach. We use our design expertise to ensure that your demonstration model is beautiful, precisely engineered, portable, and combined with your strategic message in mind. Our main design philosophy is to distill the essence of your product and communicate it in a dynamic way. Our team has decades of experience in product development and modeling. WE can use our skills to make you a model that is engaging, memorable, and most importantly, affordable. 

Where can I see samples of your work?

If you wish to see samples of our work, feel free to browse our website or call us at 267-753-0870. 

How do I start a possible project?

If you want to start a potential project, feel free to call us to talk or set up a visit. We will then give you a product questionnaire that will tease out the main features that your model needs. 

How much will it cost?

We take your budget into consideration with each client and match it to their production criteria. Very often, ideas can change in the middle of a model if one or both parties decide on important conceptual shifts. As such, we will create a proposal for the price once we have a full understanding of your situation and needs. 

Are your models representative of an average person?

There is no unambiguous way to create a model for the “average anatomical person.” The size of marketing or training models can be specified while R&D and research models will usually have multiple versions to ensure devices work. 

How do you replicate the anatomy?

We use MRI and CT data to create a digital reconstruction of bodily anatomy. This data is provided by clients. We also use hand sculpting and client-supplied references to create our models.  

Where are the benefits of model vs animal/cadaver labs?

Models are much more portable, cost-effective, available, and modular than animal cadaver labs. A portable demonstration model is always available and can be customized for specific clinical situations. Models are also much more efficient and can be stored, transported, and set up in just minutes. 

Will other companies get to use or buy my custom model?

All models created by Pulse MDM will be solely for you and your company. We do not sell stock or pre-made models. Pulse retains the IP to all processes, designs, and methods used to meet your requirements.

Custom Medical Models in Triangle Park, North Carolina

Here at Pulse Medical Demonstration Models, we realize that different companies have different needs. As such, all of our cutting-edge solutions are designed specifically for our clients’ needs. If you are interested in our services, contact us today to receive a quote on your project.