Warsaw IN Custom Medical Models

Ready to change the way you train and work on new innovations and procedures in the medical field? PulseMDM can provide your medical team with a real-world, custom-made, demonstration model, which will supply your team with hands-on training.

Our device models provide a quality training experience for your medical professionals. Hands-on experience builds confidence and morale, which translates into loyal employees and business growth.  

Accuracy and similarity in models are important when teaching new techniques. Crude models waste time and money for your business. The models provided by Pulse MDM are accurate, made specifically for your needs, and portable so you can get a quality training experience every time. 

Why Choose Pulse MDM?

At Pulse MDM, we provide accurate training models.  We have the ability to transform your training sessions with repeatable hands-on surgical scenarios. We focus on crafting models that showcase the merits of your medical device, so you can improve!

There is no other medical modeling group that can provide accuracy in depicting your anatomical target. We use experience working with different materials, knowledge of therapeutic areas, and the best production expertise, which translates into a product that is proven.

How Our Process Works

For our Warsaw, IN clients, we work hard to provide a process that is easy to use. Some of the steps that we use include:

  • Collaboration: We sit down and discuss your unique needs with you. We learn how you plan to use the product and exactly what you are looking for. 
  • Concept Sketch: We create a concept sketch with all of your ideas in place. We can then bring that back to you, allowing you to make adjustments and changes. 
  • 3D Models: Once you have approved the concept sketch, we create a 3-D model of the final product for your review.
  • Fine-Tuning: The 3-D model is created to verify the product’s dimensions and attributes. 
  • Final production: After approval, the product is sent to final production to create the exact model that you want. We create products for Warsaw physicians that are specific to your brand, approach, or device. 

Pulse Medical Demonstration Models

At Pulse MDM, we understand that your business has unique needs. We work hard to serve the United States and our customers throughout the world, using cutting-edge solutions in a visible and beautiful way.  Contact our team today to create the custom medical device that you need!